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The Story

Kyle's journey into the tech world begins with his eagerness to learn a deep understanding of technology's inner workings. At the age of 9, he receives his first computer, and it doesn't take long for him to immerse himself in the web of tech mysteries. With the curiosity of a young mind, he explores security, coding, operating systems, networking, graphic design, and various other aspects of computing.

Fast forward to 2011, and Kyle, fueled by inspiration from his father's love for a massive web game called Torn, founded Dark Cities. Together, they form a dynamic duo, shaping an immersive experience. Fueled by Kyle's technical skills, his understanding of the required technologies, and his father's gaming wisdom, Dark Cities transcends the realm of a simple text-based web game. Tailored to the gaming community's desires, it boldly aimed to rival other online text-based games. The inspiration for founding Dark Cities traces back to Kyle's childhood experiences playing Torn with his father, sparking a desire to own his own text-based game. Kyle sustained the site and server by selling donation packs on the website, offering perks in the game in return.

In 2015, driven by a love for playing games at the time, Kyle, with some programming knowledge, delves deeper into the gaming world. Establishing and leading a team of developers and designers, together achieving success, amassing over 85k followers for a popular CS:GO skin platform that later had to be shut down due to new regulation on third party platforms. At 16, Kyle acquires a local hosting business in the UK, later renaming the business to Flexahost. Once fully acquired, Kyle started looking at ways to improve its offerings, enhancing their technology stack, and elevating customer support.

In 2019, Kyle founded WebWinton with a keen aspiration for web design and development. This marked the start of his vision to intricately craft outstanding websites on the WordPress platform. In 2020, he strategically moved the Flexahost customer base to WebWinton, merging the two businesses under a single umbrella. Presently, WebWinton proudly holds the position of the unrivaled leader in bespoke web design and development in Rugby, Warwickshire, utilising the WordPress platform, complemented by high-end superfast, secure servers and infrastructure. Every website undergoes meticulous handcrafting, ensuring it is tailored to deliver tangible and impactful results.