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Last Updated: 25th August 2022


Project – The production of any WebWinton services for a client

Service (1) – Offer in which the client subscribes to a ‘retaining’ subscription.

Service (2) – A delivery of work to a client

Retain-er-ing – A recurring payment for a service provided by WebWinton.

SEO – (Search Engine Optimization). Process undertaken to display a client’s website, ranking as high as possible on search engines.

Rank – The position of a client’s website on search engines

Search Engines – Forms of hosting website domains (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

Client – A successful prospect who agrees to engage in contact with WebWinton. Also known as ‘you’.

Customer – Alternative word for ‘client’.

WebWinton – The business providing digital services. Also known as ‘we’ or ‘us’.

Domain – The website address created to host the content of a client.

Content – Words, images, Gifs, Themes and more used in websites, marketing, logos, banners and other projects provided by WebWinton

Mb – Megabytes

Gb – Gigabytes

Design – The process of creatively composing a project using colours, themes, fonts

Development – The process of creating a project.

Copywriting – The individual providing literature and design elements for services provided by WebWinton.

Copyright – The malicious act of copying the content of another person or business (THIS IS ILLEGAL AND WEBWINTON WILL PURSUE FORMS OF PROSECUTION IF ANY CONTENT IS FOUND TO BE STOLEN).

Branding – The identity of a business using logos, names, slogans, banners and more. This can be digital, or physical.

Marketing – The process of promoting a business, product, service or access using digital or physical methods of communication.

Sales – The process of seeking and obtaining prospects, cold, warm and existing clients to sell, upsell or downsell a product, service or access.

Hosting – Allowing a website to be active by using servers connected to the internet.

Domain Registration – The process of finding and buying a domain of a client’s choice whilst paying a yearly or monthly fee.

Web care – The technical support provided by WebWinton to optimise the health of a client’s website.

Digital – The virtual view of images, text, animation and other forms of art in pixelated form.

SSD – (Solid State Drive). The Hard Drive Alternative, being faster and more reliable.

Website – A digital collection of pages created to sell products, socialise and much more.

Page – A single visual element of a website.

Product (1) – A purchasable object, service, or access.

Product (2) – Specifically, a purchasable physical product.


The terms and conditions on www.webwinton.co.uk also covers the respects of www.manage.webwinton.co.uk.

Client Obligations

Information – Clients must provide the most truthful and current information at the time of questioning.

Figures – Figures involving money in any currency must be given truthful and current at the time of questioning.

Delivery – If we are unable to complete a service for any reason, we have the right to suspend all services until the issue is resolved.


Website Design & Development – Creating a website on wordpress from scratch, or taking over an existing creation. Designing themes, pages and writing copy to create a client’s desired website.

Branding – The form of creating logos for a business or individual to represent themselves digitally or formally. This also includes the creation of products such as restaurant menus, banners.

Copywriting – Using *English* literature to communicate a client’s message to the public. This can be used across professional documents (T&C), websites, digital marketing as well as other forms of media.

Marketing – Promoting a business or an individual digitally (Google & Meta Ads) or physically (billboards, flyers).

Sales – Obtaining or retaining customers to upsell, downsell or transfer to a product, service or access provided by a client’ business. This involves reviewing and/or creating cold and warm calls (scripts), email structures and other forms of ‘selling’ communication made by the client WebWinton is provided by this service for.

Hosting – The service in which a client can host their website (domain) to activate its distribution across the internet with a monthly/ yearly subscription (commonly included with domain registration). A client can also create a domain with WebWinton.

Domain Registration – Where a client created a named website with a preferred (or selected availability) suffix (.com / .co.uk / .net) with a monthly/ yearly subscription (commonly included with domain hosting).

Webcare – Technical support to ensure a client’s website is healthy and protected against any malware.

Price, Payment & Deposit

The client agrees to the set deposit amount proposed by WebWinton. The job will not commence until the first deposit is received.

Payments should be made as per request of WebWinton. Being bank transfer or third party service.

Should a client pay more than the intended amount will be returned the delta as soon as it is known.

Should the client wish to cancel, they should notify us via email.

Customer law is applied. See https://www.gov.uk/consumer-protection-rights for more information.


If a client has a complaint they contact us via email. We will act accordingly and follow our complaints procedure and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Cancellation & Refunds

Either WebWinton or the client may terminate the agreement/ contract at any given time via a written notice.

Should the client fail to make agreed payments under contract and by the payment date, WebWinton has the right to terminate the contract.

In termination of the contract, the client will pay all outstanding monies. In the event of the client cancelling up to 14 days prior to the delivery of the product provided by WebWinton, 100% of the fee must be paid. Any cancellation made before the 14 day window, the client must pay 50% of the total owed.

Limitation of Liability

We will under no circumstance be liable for any monies lost by the client or involved in any direct unfortunate circumstances by the client.

In the event of copyright infringement, WebWinton will support the plaintiffs.


All intellectual property of WebWinton such as trademarks, trade names, patents, registered designs and other automatic intellectual property rights similar or identical to WebWinton’s branding and products wish to be respected.

By Using www.webwinton.co.uk and www.manage.webwinton.co.uk you agree to respect the intellectual property rights and refrain from copying, downloading, transmitting, reproducing, printing or exploiting for commercial purpose any material contained within the website and products produced by WebWinton.

Third Parties

Products of WebWinton may use third party hyperlinks operated by other businesses or individuals. WebWinton does not take responsibility for and will not incur and liability in respect of their context and client’s request.


Webwinton’s use of controversial hyperlinks have no relation to our behaviours and beliefs, statements or information contained in such websites.