It's your data, not ours!

Last Updated: 25th August 2022

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy documents how WebWinton obtains, stores and uses collected personal information via or via calls, emails or other forms of communication.

This policy is effective from 31st August 2018 and conforms to the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR).

General Overview

Data controller: WebWinton

How your data is collected: Interaction with, calls with WebWinton staff, emails, text messaging, verbal communication as well as other forms of communication.

Personal data we collect: Name, contact details (telephone number and email address), bank details.

How we use your personal data

For business and administrative intentions only (specifically to contact you with more information on updates, product information, advertising and analytical purposes.


We treat your information with 100% confidentiality. Just like us, we want nothing to slip out into the public.

How we secure your information

We use encryption to keep your information safe from unauthorised access. Only WebWinton are able to see and use your information as stated on ‘how we use your personal data’.

How long we retain your information

As long as there is a contract between you and us, we will keep your information confidential to WebWinton only. For subscription information where primarily emails are used, we retain this information until the individual cancels their subscription.

Our use of cookies

We use cookies on our website to promote WebWinton to specifically targeted customers/ prospects.

Accessing your personal information

It’s your information, not ours!

  • The individual or business has the right to know what personal information we hold and be informed about its use.
  • The individual or business has the right to correct their personal information.
  • The individual or business has the right to have their personal information removed from our records.
  • The individual or business has the right to complain to a supervisory authority.
  • The individual or business has the right to retract any consent about the use of their information for marketing purposes.